Recreating Lips After Cancer with Dermal Fillers

Beating cancer can be one of the most incredible, life-affirming moments in a person’s life.

Beating cancer can be one of the most incredible, life-affirming moments in a person’s life. Cancer is such a devastating disease, so pernicious and challenging. The bravery and resilience it takes to beat it are truly incredible. Once someone has been able to overcome cancer, they usually want to live life as much as possible. Living happily, content with yourself on your terms – that’s how to celebrate a victory over cancer. Even for those who are successful in their cancer recovery, it can take a true toll on their body and their physical appearance. With our dermal fillers, we can help to recreate your lips after cancer, so that they look how you want them to look.

Revanesse Versa Dermal Fillers

The slogan for Revanesse Versa is appropriate: “for those who know, details make the difference.” In all walks of life, it’s the small things, the fine print, the tiny details, that separate success from failure and happiness from uncertainty. These fillers can make your lips as full and plump as you’d like. Instead of living with lips thinned out at the hands of cancer treatments, rendered frail and wan-looking, these fillers can expand your lips to the luscious size that you would prefer.

Safe Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The most important thing to know about these fillers is that they are safe. These are made primarily of hyaluronic acid. While the name “hyaluronic acid” may sound exotic and even dangerous, it’s anything but. This substance occurs naturally inside your body. We all have it in our bodies. These fillers simply replenish the hyaluronic acid we already have in our bodies. That completely eliminates the possibility that your body will “reject the filler” or something like that. Your body easily recognizes this as something familiar and will welcome it accordingly.

To be clear, you don’t have to take our word for the safety of hyaluronic acid: you can listen to the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved these fillers. Of course, before these products were ever used on people, they were tested. They were tested over and over again, in fact. Over three hundred different skin types were treated in three separate clinical trials, and no serious adverse effects were ever reported.

That means that not only are these fillers safe, but they’re also great for all different kinds of skin. You may have a very unique skin tone or shade, but these fillers can match it. Beyond all that, this treatment is minimally invasive. Unlike surgical procedures or something that would actively cut into your body, these injections simply provide your body with a substance its lacking. Rebuilding your lips can improve your health as well.

First Impressions, Lasting Impressions

The harsh truth is that it’s very hard to change a person’s first impression. That’s why so many of us do everything we can to look great: because we know how critical that first glance, that initial moment really is. When your lips aren’t as full as you would like, or they’re too thin, it can throw off everything else. If you’re like many people, this is compounded by the fact that you’re aware of it. How many times have you been somewhere, confident and excited, only to have some slight physical imperfection suddenly stop you in your tracks? When we’re worried about some small part of our physical appearance in the back of our minds, it can rob us of our hard-won self-confidence. That can negatively affect the quality of our lives in a multitude of ways.

These fillers allow you to shut that nagging voice up. By making your lips and, indeed, your entire face look how you want, you can better live life on your terms. If you’ve beaten cancer, then you never really have to fear anything again. You deserve to have all of the self-confidence in the world, and these fillers can help you to do just that.

Treatments for All

Of course, you might be reading this and think: “well, gee, I never had cancer, knock on wood. I never had to beat it. Are these fillers still right for me?” Yes. Of course they are. You deserve to have lips that look how you want. You deserve to have a face with fewer wrinkles or even no wrinkles whatsoever. Our treatments are designed to empower. Instead of simply accepting that you have to look a certain way, we give our customers a chance to take control.

These dermal fillers are just one of the many cosmetic treatments that you can find at our facility. They might be right for your needs, or there may be some other treatment that could give you even better results. Discover for yourself by calling us at (770) 299-1493.