Get a non-invasive face lift that lasts up to 18 months. It takes just 45 minutes…

An effective non-invasive facelift procedure

A thread lift is a technique that tightens and lifts your skin using a dissolvable suture. It’s a less invasive operation than a facelift, and it can usually be completed within 45 minutes without the need of a scalpel.

An elegant solution that works

Most regions of your face that are showing symptoms of aging can be treated with a thread lift. The area surrounding your cheekbones, jaw, neck, and eyes are some of the most common areas. Thread lifts are frequently used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments like dermal fillers.

Recovery & Aftercare

The recovery time after a PDO thread lift is relatively short. For the first 24 to 48 hours, you may have some swelling and bruising, but you may resume most of your usual activities immediately. You should avoid scratching your face as much as possible during the first week after your treatment. For the first few weeks, you may be recommended to avoid pursing your lips, smoking, and drinking via a straw.

Potential Complications

Facelift operations have a substantially higher risk of complications than PDO thread lifts. When conducted by a competent practitioner, there is reduced danger of scarring, severe bruising, or bleeding. Minor problems may occur in 15 to 20% of procedures, although they are typically easy to fix.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The effects of PDO threads on your skin are quite long-lasting. The thread itself will last for 4-6 months before being absorbed by the natural hydrolysis process. The tightening effect may remain for up to 18 months.
Refrain from putting pressure on your face by sleeping on your side or even on your stomach. This should be avoided for roughly a week following your thread lift surgery. To reduce swelling after a thread lift, sleep on your back with your head propped up on a pillow.
There may be some slight discomfort, tugging and pulling sensations during a PDO thread-lifting procedure. As with any non-surgical treatment that requires the use of needles to inject substances into the deeper layers of the skin, the use of highly effective local anaesthetics reduce discomfort to a minimum.