Skin Tightening, Significant Wrinkle Reduction & Reduce Sun Damage. Lasts for up to 2 Years!

Why combine Laser Skin Resurfacing & Chlorophyll?

Combining Laser Skin Resurfacing with Chlorophyll optimizes collagen production and vitamin enrichment, rejuvenating skin for a radiant, youthful glow.

Why Chlorophyll specifically?

Chlorophyll is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, enhancing radiance, reducing dark spots, and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin.

How does Chlorophyll help improve the results of Skin Resurfacing?

Chlorophyll accelerates healing, boosts antioxidant protection, reduces dark spots, and enhances the overall rejuvenation effects of skin resurfacing for radiant results.

Park Ave Cosmetic Center

At Park Ave Cosmetic Center, we specialize in helping you reach your goals. As one of only a few medically licensed spa’s in Roswell, we are approved to administer treatment to anyone wanting to look more like they feel.


Laser Skin Resurfacing with Chlorophyll


Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment is effective for most skin types, but it’s not recommended for those with melasma or prone to hyper/hypopigmentation. A medical consult is essential.
Post-treatment, expect the skin to be red and swollen for 5 to 14 days. It’s essential to follow post-care recommendations for optimal results.
The effects of the treatment can last up to 2 years. However, individual results may vary based on skin type and care.