Get a glamorous get-up-and-go look with an eyelash lift and tint, and forget about using mascara and eyelash tints forever.

What is an Eyelash Lift and Tint

An Eyelash Lift will get you beautiful and perfectly curled lashes without any effort. However, if you have naturally light colored lashes, you can get them professionally tinted at Park Ave Cosmetic Center.

Lash Lifts Make a Difference.

With an Eyelash Lift treatment, you can wake up every morning with perfect lashes. At Park Ave Cosmetic Center, we have expert stylists who give you excellent and safe custom curl for natural lashes that make your eyes pop.

Professional Eyelash Tinting is Better.

At Park Ave Cosmetic Center, we use a natural dye that is 100% safe during tinting. It also minimizes the tingling sensation often associated with this procedure.

Why choose Park Ave Cosmetic Center?

Our professional stylists at Park Ave Cosmetic Center work with you so that you can choose the perfect color and size for your new lashes. This choice will match both your complexion and hair color.


Eyelash Lifting and Tinting




Includes both Eyelash Lifting & Tinting and Eyebrow Lamination

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes around 30-45 minutes
The tinting dye is 100% natural and safe and requires a low-volume developer that minimizes any risk