Salt Flotation Therapy and Salt Cave Therapy

Salt therapy may seem new, but people have been using these methods to improve their health and their lives for centuries.

Salt therapy may seem new, but people have been using these methods to improve their health and their lives for centuries. Today’s salt flotation and salt cave therapeutic methods are so much more advanced than what was possible just a few short years ago. Yet, they utilize the same traditions that have provided health benefits for so long. At Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we offer salt flotation therapy and salt cave therapy to help with respiratory problems, inflammation, chronic pain, and a host of other ailments.

Salt Flotation

Imagine totally disconnecting from everything. Imagine the serenity of simply… floating. That’s what salt flotation therapy is. In our tank, you’ll float in water with a high concentration of salt. This tried-and-true therapeutic method can help you to heal after an injury. Floating in this salt can help your body to heal not only more quickly, but more completely after you’ve been injured in some way.

Beyond that, floating in this salt can help with pain relief, too. It may not be able to cure any kind of chronic pain or lingering injuries that you might have, but it can allow you to feel a release from that pain. When the pain just won’t go away, this flotation therapy can provide a respite. Many of our salt flotation therapy clients come back often, using the therapy to let the pain literally wash away.

Stress relief is one of the major benefits to flotation therapy. The act of floating provides relief, which helps to relieve stress. When you’re floating, there’s no strain whatsoever on your muscles and joints. That’s why so many who suffer from chronic pain or even fibromyalgia utilize this therapy.

Studies have shown that flotation therapy can help with sleep, too. For many in our modern age, it can be difficult to get “good” sleep; the kind of sleep that not only lasts through the night, but allows you to wake feeling refreshed and ready to go. Salt flotation therapy can help you to relax, which can lead to better sleep once you’ve returned to your home.

Salt Cave Therapy

For thousands of years, human beings have walked into salt caves and walked out feeling better. Now, we’re able to harness those same benefits without you having to find a cave that’s filled entirely with salt on your own. Here at Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we have a man-made salt cave that can provide you with long-lasting health benefits in a variety of ways.

Salt cave therapy has shown to be remarkably helpful with the respiratory system. The salt in our cave is filled with ions that can greatly benefit for your body. As you breathe them in, they’ll work as a powerful anti-inflammatory for your lungs. Many of our repeat salt cave clients have asthma or COPD, as the salt cave can lessen and significantly reduce their effects. Additionally, many come to our salt cave when they have a cold, or are suffering from seasonal allergies.

The salt cave can get rid of excess mucus, hastening the end of a cold or even the flu. Seasonal allergies are a problem for so many of us. The salt cave can eliminate that excess mucus, so that you can breathe and live much easier, no matter how bad your allergies are.

Improve Your Relaxation, Improve Your Skin

When you come into our salt cave, you’ll be given a chair that you can just lie back in, almost like you’re floating. We can put on relaxing music as well, if you’d like. From there, you can decompress and just take in all that the salt cave has to offer. See, the salt from our salt cave isn’t just taken in through the respiratory system; you absorb it through your skin as well. We keep our sauna at a comfortable, warm temperature. That does far more than just keep you cozy: it also opens up your pores, so that you can absorb the health benefits of the salt into your skin even more effectively.

Those health benefits are lengthy indeed: our salt cave has helped folks to stop uncomfortable redness and swelling, as well as keep it from drying out. By reducing inflammation, it will also reduce any annoying itching as well. You can keep your skin from breaking out, and there’s even some evidence that the salt cave can help with Eczema, too.

Park Ave. Cosmetic Center Salt Therapy

No matter which of these therapies you choose, you’ll find that you feel better and more relaxed. Whether you want to heal your injuries, reduce your respiratory problems, or just want somewhere you can completely detach from everything in a restorative way, we have a salt-based therapy for you. You can schedule a session with us by going through our site or calling us at (770) 299-1493.