Detox for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

As a mother of three my body has gone through some major changes.

Detox for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

As a mother of three my body has gone through some major changes. The weight gain in total for all three babies was a whopping two hundred pound. From those two hundred only one hundred of seventy have gone away. Yep, I have another 30 pounds to go! The first two children were born during my early thirties, so my skin bounced back a lot easier. The third baby closer to forty, well not so much. Right after each pregnancy I felt like I needed a detox and weight loss routine. Needless to say post pardom depression was just around the corner.

The Jelly Belly Weight Loss

After pregnancy my body completely bruised from the inside. Worse of all my belly also felt like a jelly fish creature. In the Latina culture your mother and auntie will recommend that you immediately get into a waist trainer after pregnancy. It was a noble idea until I wore one on for about three minutes and went blue from not being able to breath. Frustrated by the pressure of having to jump right into weight loss I started researching detox remedies online.

Delivering children via C-section makes it impossible to exercise for at least three weeks. Light walks were helpful, but I still felt bloated and full of liquid. On average, I had gained sixty to eighty pounds with each pregnancy. In my defense Taco Bell was right around the corner. Although I immediately had weight loss of about twenty-five pounds it was still not enough. Sensing my dissapointment my good friend Lisa, suggested a massage therapist who had a detox wrap for weight loss therapy.

Detox Heaven

I show up to my appointment with great anticipation. The thought of just laying in a warm blanket by myself for one hour was good enough for me. I had no expectations about weight loss whatsoever. The room had a silver capsule looking blanket and a plastic wrap next to it. The therapist starts with painting some green looking clay on my body. Once my stomach, legs and arms are painted she zips me up into this capsule at about 60 degrees Celsius. My body starts sweating after about 20 minutes. My skin is tingly and feels tighter from the clay.

After twenty minutes I am at full detox mode and the hopes of weight loss at least from water retention are making me incredibly happy. After the forty five-minute session I had to wipe myself dry as I had sweated profusely and felt a bit lightheaded. That night I slept like a baby and the morning I was surprised to see my belly had shrunk a bit. Some of the water retention leaving my body was extremely helpful. After my first experience I ended up having a detox for weight loss session once a week for 8 weeks. I now use this detox therapy right before my cycle.

“Skinny Bitch Detox” at Park Ave Cosmetic Center

This delightful detox & weight loss experience can now be found at Park Ave Cosmetic Center a med spa in the Atlanta area where both traditional or alternatives modalities for anti-aging and wellness are offered. The treatment offers a combination of infrared heat with a clay combination of sea weed and Garcinia Cambogia. For more information you can call 770-299-1493 or visit their website.