Advanced HCG: Advanced Weight Loss

“I’m dieting, but I’m not losing any weight.

“I’m dieting, but I’m not losing any weight.” Of all the things we hear our clients say, that might be one of the most common. For so many of us, they’re doing everything they can, they’re eating a low calorie diet, they’re eating right, and yet, they just aren’t seeing the results. That can be so frustrating. That’s just one fo the reasons we’re so proud to offer advanced HCG. This weight loss program can help people to get the results they’re looking for. If you’re eating a low calorie diet or can stick to one, this is the weight loss program for you.

Advanced HCG Explained

“HCG” is an acronym for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.” (As you can see, it’s just a little bit easier to say “HCG.”) While that may sound very exotic, it’s actually a hormone that occurs naturally in your body. This particular hormone is very involved with how our body regulates our hunger, when we eat and how much, and so forth. The hypothalamus in your body, with the right amount of HCG, can take all of that abnormal fat in your body, all of the fat you aren’t using, and make it possible for the body to burn it. Better still, it can make it possible for the body to burn it for energy. So, imagine being able to burn off the fat from those “problem areas” in a healthy, non-invasive way. That’s what this treatment makes possible.

Advanced Results Without Advanced Workouts

So many of us who want to diet and lose weight would love to exercise, but we just can’t fit it into our days. Work, family, social obligations, traffic and more – it can be hard to fit “exercise” into all of that. Moreover, for many of our clients who come to us for HCG, they’ve tried exercise, but, just as with the diet, no matter how much they’ve worked out, they just haven’t seen the results that they would like. This can make it hard to keep working out. One of the best benefits for clients is that HCG makes it possible to lose weight without having to get in that consistent, all of the time workout.

What HCG Can Do

The cravings. That’s one of the worst parts of dieting. Those awful, gnawing cravings. As much as you want to lose weight, those cravings can lower the quality of your life to the point where you just have to eat… something. What makes HCG so remarkable is that it reduces those cravings. So, instead of being literally consumed by hunger as you go through your day to day life, instead you feel great about the food you did eat. This diet does require a low calorie diet, so it is best if it’s overseen by a medical professional. Fortunately, we have plenty on staff here at the Park Ave. Cosmetic Center who can help you to get the look that you want. For more, message us through our site or call (770) 299-1493.