Hyperpigmentation – Melasma

Hyperpigmentation is when parts of your skin produce an excess of melanin, the brown pigment in your skin. This is due to the MC1R gene also responsible for freckles.

What is Melasma?

Hyperpigmentation is a normal, usually harmless condition in which areas of the dermis get darker in color than the other surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an overproduction of melanin, the brown pigment that causes normal skin color, forms concentrations in the skin.

What causes Hyperpigmentation?

An excess of Melanin is thanks to the MC1R gene, also culpable for sun spots. The root cause can be UV damage. Hyperpigmentation also becomes more common the older a person gets. This is simply due to the fact that older people have had relatively more UV damage than people their junior.

How do you treat Hyperpigmentation?

To remedy Melasma safely, a combination of professional medical assistance and a home skincare routine is required. A prescription-level skin exfoliating and lightening system like Revepeel EnlightenRX that includes an in-office therapy and a 28 day home care regimen to work against skin discoloration has been the most successful technique.

How much time does it take to go away?

Without treatment, it could take up to 2 years to completely disappear. Sometimes, darkening is permanent and will require you to use makeup (if you want to). When you get help from a certified medical grade spa and follow the 28 day prescribed skin care regimen at home, you may start to see permanent results within 30 days.