Lean Sculpt Pro

Take advantage of this revolutionary new body sculpting procedure to build muscle and reduce unwanted fat. Contact Park Ave Cosmetic Center in Roswell to learn more.

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What Areas Can Benefit From Lean Sculpt Pro Treatments?

Lean Sculpt Pro is currently designed to treat arms, calves, thighs, abdominals and buttocks. The most common uses are to remove tough belly fat and sculpt the buttocks.

You will start to see more definition after just a couple of visits, but you should see significant results two to four weeks after your last treatment.

This is a non-surgical procedure and you shouldn’t expect any downtime. You’ll likely just feel like you completed an intense workout on the treated area.

At first, it can take some time getting used to the rapid muscle contractions, but it doesn’t actually hurt and you’ll get used to it over time.

On average, people can expect to see a 19% reduction in fat and 16% increase in muscle mass

Results are long-lasting, but exactly how long depends on how active you are. If you continue to exercise and follow a healthy diet, the results can last almost indefinitely.