If your face is feeling dry and congested this treatment will remove the dead skin, pull oil, dirt and blackheads by using a gentle vacuum while infusing a hydrating serum.

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Hydro Facial

50 minutes $159

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Includes European facial cleanse, ozone steam, manual extractions, hydro facial exfoliation with lavender, thyme & rosemary antibacterial serum, hydrating mask, LED light treatment , hot towel service moisturizing face massage, glow mist & lip moisturizing treatment.

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Is there downtime with hydro facial treatment?

No there is no downtime. There could be possible redness due to the vacuum pull however these red marks are temporary and go away.

No, it is a gentle pull. Our esthetician will judge the capacity of your skin and can adjust the vacuum power according to your skin sensitivity.

Yes we can use the hydro facial treatment for the back & the scalp.