P-Shot® For Erectile Dysfunction

Boost your confidence and sexual performance with this innovative procedure. Learn more about getting the P-Shot® in Atlanta by contacting Park Ave Cosmetic Center.

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Short Treatment Time

No Downtime

No Side Effects

Is the P-Shot® Safe?

No studies have indicated any serious side effects from injecting PRP with a lab kit. An allergic reaction is not a concern as the substance injected comes from your own blood and is separated within a sterile system. Dr. Lynch uses very fine needles for the injections to ensure there is no tissue damage.

The Priapus Shot® is an office-based procedure lasting approximately one hour, which includes time for a blood draw and processing, numbing agent prep, PRP delivery, and aftercare instructions.

Dr. Lynch will apply a potent anesthetic cream to create a numbing effect. There will be a quick sensation of pressure, but overall the procedure is painless

No. Some men have a P-shot® to enhance size, sensation, or performance.

Results may take three to four weeks, although some men experience improvement earlier. Another shot may be necessary for men who need more help after an eight-week period. A pump may be necessary to address specific issues or the patient’s goals. There are no limits to activity after a P-shot® and no visible marks except for slight bruising, but this rarely occurs.

Most men experience benefits from the P-shot® for twelve months or longer. We recommend annual treatments to maintain and maximize benefits.

The P-shot® is a specific treatment that injects PRP to rejuvenate male sexual performance and enhance penis size. There is an appropriate training regimen, and lab kits to prepare the PRP, which is mandatory for healthcare professionals to administer the P-shot®.