Ideal for people who are looking to clear acne – bacne & skin pigmentation

How does the carbon laser facial work?

Before the carbon laser treatment begins the skin is cleansed then a layer of carbon laser paste is then applied to the face. Carbon quickly absorbs any contaminants from the pores. The short pulse laser at a very low wavelength breaks up the carbon particles and absorbs them by destroying the carbon and removing the dead skin cells, oils, and impurities that were bound to it.

Gentle laser safe enough for all skin shades

The carbon laser facial is gentle enough for all skin shades and types. The specialty probe for this treatment allows for a very low energy emission making it safe for people who have darker skin tones. Although you will see and feel immediate benefits, three sessions are recommended two weeks apart for best results.

Reduce Excess Oil

Carbon has been used for centuries as a detoxifying treatment. Charcoal can attract toxins and when used on skin it draws out impurities like oil, dirt, sweat and make up like a magnet from your face.

Ideal for Shine Prone Skin & Skin Brightening

It also helps deep clean your pores and free them from excess sebum, dead skin cells and oil.


Carbon Laser Peel


3 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Three sessions within 2 weeks apart are recommended.
No, the energy level of this laser is very low . It acts as an exfoliant and in addition to removing dirt it works very well with evening out the skin.
It can if we don’t continue to take some basic care of the skin. A wash, antibacterial toner & SPF will be recommended after the treatment to maintain results.