The Many Cellulite Treatments Available Today

It is estimated that between eighty and ninety percent of adult women will at some point experience cellulite, making it a physiological condition.

It is estimated that between eighty and ninety percent of adult women will at some point experience cellulite, making it a physiological condition. It manifests in skin dimpling and irregularities across different parts of the body, such as the buttocks, the abdomen, the legs, and the pelvic region, and the causes behind are too many to count. Cellulite can be caused by hormonal factors, genetic factors, inherent predisposing factors, and specific characteristics of a person’s lifestyle. While it is practically impossible to avoid at some point, cellulite treatments are available, and can reduce its impact on the skin. How exactly can you treat it? Let’s take a look.

Topical Application Products

A trip to the pharmacy will be enough to show you that there are plenty of creams and ointments available that claim to treat and reduce the effects of cellulite. While these might seem convenient at first, that doesn’t necessarily make them any good. The problem with these is that they are meant to be used by the general public, so they can’t specifically treat your case with the nuance your skin deserves. For example, if the causes behind your cellulite are lifestyle choices, then the problem will only be addressed superficially and the cellulite will persist. Creams and ointments can be good in cases of minor cellulite, but they won’t properly address the problem long-term.

Non-Invasive Therapy

Non-surgical treatments, such as non-invasive therapy, can help lessen the effects of cellulite on the skin by mostly mechanical means. That’s to say, the treatment is purely physical and doesn’t involve chemicals or medication. These methods consist of specialized massages to the affected areas that aim at replenishing the original look of the skin. These might also involve mechanical suction, which combines physical suction with radiofrequency and infrared light in order to manipulate the skin tissue and eliminating the marks of cellulite. The effects of such treatments have proven to be long term, but occasional maintenance treatments are sometimes necessary in order to further improve the results.

Skin Tightening

In recent years, skin tightening has emerged as one of the favorite forms of body sculpting and cellulite removal. Through heat waves, the treatment allows you to burn fat and accelerate the collagen around the skin of your body. This is an ideal non-surgical way to reduce cellulite, as well as stretch marks, lines, and wrinkles all across the body, while also sculpting the body to one’s liking and getting rid of excess fat. This represents some of the most advanced technology available in cellulite treatment, providing an effective means to address its effect on the skin without having to resort to surgery or continuous maintenance. It’s convenience and safety have made skin tightening one of the most popular methods to combat cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments in Atlanta

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