The Amazing Advances in Stem Cell Hair Restoration

You may have tried all kinds of products over the years to help with the hair loss or male pattern baldness that you experience.

You may have tried all kinds of products over the years to help with the hair loss or male pattern baldness that you experience. With all the different gels, creams, shampoos, and others you have used, you may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and seen little in the way of results, discouraging you even more. Just when you thought all was lost and you would never see hair growth again, along comes a new a revolutionary way that has proven to be highly effective for many that can help bring hair back to your life. There are have been incredible advances in stem cell hair restoration treatments, and here at Park Ave Cosmetic Center, we can provide you with the care that will restore your hair.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration: Stopping Hair Loss

What helps to make the treatment we use unique is that it serves to stop hair loss you are experiencing right at its source without the use of any drugs. The serum we use targets deep within the hair follicles so that hair loss can be prevented. The same serum then goes to work to help stimulate growth and produce new hair follicles where growth may have seemed impossible before. You will find that damaged areas where growth had ceased or loss had occurred are now repaired, and new hair will begin to grow, helping to restore your hair to what it once was. You can have the thicker, fuller hair that you have not had for many years.

Restoration of Your Hair and Confidence

It is not uncommon for men who experience hair loss or baldness to have their confidence shattered, or their self-esteem diminished. You may turn to wear hats, trying your best to “comb over” what you have left, or cutting back on your social life because you feel embarrassed. With the help of the stem cell hair restoration that we offer you at Park Ave Cosmetic Center, all that can change. With your new hair growth, you will feel revitalized and better about yourself than you have in a long time. Your confidence and self-esteem will soar, you will be glad to have your picture taken, and going out with friends, family, or that special someone will be something you can look forward to again.

Discover Quality Hair Restoration

With the incredible advances now available thanks to stem cell hair restoration, you can experience hair growth and feel revitalized. To find out more about the restoration process we have at Park Ave Cosmetic Center, read the information available on our website. You can also arrange for a consultation so you can discover more about the process and the options available to you by calling us at (770) 299-1493. You can come in and speak with one of our professionals, ask questions, and learn just how this process can benefit you. Use the solution that will finally end your concerns about hair loss and baldness so you can feel better about your hair and yourself.