P-Shot: Rejuvenation after Erectile Dysfunction

Too many erectile dysfunction “treatments” are worthless.

Too many erectile dysfunction “treatments” are worthless. They overpromise and deliver minimal (if any) results. Going online to find an actual way to improve your sexual performance is difficult, as there is just so much misinformation. There is even more around enlarging the penis. However, we offer a proven, safe and effective way to do all of that and more. The “Priapus Shot,” also known as the “P-Shot” or “PRP Shot” can improve many different facets of a man’s sexual health.

An Alternative to Living with Erectile Dysfunction

This dysfunction can wreak havoc with a man’s self-esteem. It can seem like there’s nothing to be done, and all that a man can do is accept it. With the Priapus Shot, you don’t have to. This is a way of having a firmer, stronger erection that lasts. Indeed, so many of our patients have experienced increased stamina as a direct result of the shot. Yes, the shot can also help with size, as well. Some men have reported increasing as much as two inches. While those results are atypical, size increase is one of the results of the shot. We also define “size” as more than length, as the girth typically increases as well. Ten to twenty percent increase in length and girth, respectively, is the average increase.

How it Works

One of the names of this shot is the “PRP Shot” because it uses “PRP” or “Platelet Rich Plasma” therapy. This therapy utilizes the platelets and plasma that are already in a patient’s body. Platelets are blood cells that are a necessity for healing and other growth functions. Made mostly of proteins and water, plasma is the liquid portion of whole blood. So, in this PRP treatment, a medical professional takes a portion of your blood and then runs it through a centrifuge.

By doing so, this concentrates the platelets, making them stronger and more potent than ever. Then, these highly activated and strong platelets are injected back into your body. Now, you may have heard of this in a variety of other medical procedures, for healing joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even all kinds of beauty treatments. This therapy can work for your penis as well, for largely the same reasons.

This treatment stimulates new blood flow through your penis, thus increasing your circulation. It does this not by just dilating blood vessels as they exit, instead it stimulates the blood flow with all new blood vessels. This alone greatly improves your sexual health, but that’s far from all that it does. It also helps your body to literally rejuvenate. This facilitates growth, hence the size increase that so many men mention. For example, the minimum we’ve recorded someone growing from this shot is a half-inch. That may not sound like much, but a half-inch increase can make all of the difference in the world.

Safe, Natural Treatment

As with anything that involves sexual health, safety is paramount. This treatment has been proven to be as safe as possible. For example, while this shot does increase your blood flow, it increases it only to your penis. That means it doesn’t increase blood flow anywhere else in your body. So, you don’t have any of the annoying, off-putting side effects like flushing, headaches or worse. Perhaps the best part of this treatment, however, is that it’s entirely and completely natural.

That’s the opposite of pretty much every other kind of penis treatment that you might find. So many of them have extravagant, enormous promises, few if any of which they can actually back up. Worse, these treatments involve taking all kinds of artificial (and possibly outright harmful) medications. There’s no telling how your body might react, and even if you do receive positive benefits for a brief period of time, the ultimate effect on your body will be negative.

That doesn’t happen with our PRP treatment. After all, we’re not injecting you with some arcane chemical created in a lab. We’re injecting you with your own blood. The same blood that’s flowing in your veins right now – that’s all this treatment is. Really, the PRP Shot takes what’s best about your blood and simply puts it in a different place. We’re healing and rejuvenating your body with what’s already there.

Due to that, no one ever has allergic reactions or anything to this treatment. Your body doesn’t react to the PRP Shot as if it were a foreign substance, because, frankly, it isn’t a foreign substance. Your body recognizes it and uses it to heal. That’s another reason why there’s very minimal (if any) bruising, which often goes away quite quickly.

To make the procedure even safer and more secure, it’s performed entirely by our medical professionals. Dr. Lynch and staff have plenty of experience with this and similar procedures. So, you know you’ll be cared for by true experts. To make sure that the bruising is entirely minimized, Dr. Lynch uses incredibly fine needles. That way, there’s no tissue damage whatsoever.

Long-Lasting, in Multiple Ways

This treatment has been proven to increase men’s sexual stamina. However, it does so much more than that. It also increases the sensation and pleasure, too. “Sexual health” isn’t just about having a larger penis or lasting longer, it’s about improving the sensation as well. This treatment absolutely does that. We understand that many men have trepidations about having a shot injected into their penis. That’s why Dr. Lynch numbs the penis with a powerful anesthetic cream. Some men report feeling a bit of pressure for a moment, but that’s all they’ll feel.
Once the treatment is done, it’s not like men will have to get this shot often, either. In fact, an injection typically lasts for one year. Seriously. Some men actually report having the results for even longer than a year. Imagine having improved stamina, health, and size, all extending well into the future. The results show up quite quickly, as well. Sometimes, it takes from three to four weeks for the results to truly appear, but many men report improvement even earlier than that.

The entire procedure itself is also a short one. All of this, the blood draw, centrifuge processing, numbing agent, delivery and even being given instructions for caring about it later only takes roughly an hour. In as long as it takes for you to watch a television show, you could turn back the clock on your sexual health.

From talking to our patients, one of the best parts of this treatment is how it gives them one less thing to worry about. As you know, when you have concerns about your sexual health or performance, it’s difficult to focus on much else. With this shot, you can go back to not worrying again, and simply enjoying yourself. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about any pills you need to take, or prescriptions that you need to keep up with, or anything like that. You just need to get the shot once a year, and that’s it. Many of our patients come back to us once a year for this shot so that they can enjoy all of the benefits year after year.

Park Ave. for Men’s Health

Decreased sexual performance can take a toll on your self-confidence. Whether you’re at work, at home or anywhere else, it’s not easy to feel like yourself, to feel truly confident, if you’re worried about your sexual health. This feeling can be exacerbated if you’ve tried alternative therapies or oral medications only to find them wanting. The PRP Shot puts you back in control of your life again, able to live and love on your terms. To set up an appointment with us, you can message us through our site. Alternatively, you can give the Park Ave Cosmetic Center a call at (770) 299-1493.