Obagi Deep Cleansing Facial and Other Powerful ZO Obagi Products

There are quality beauty products, and then there are ZO Obagi products.

There are quality beauty products, and then there are ZO Obagi products. These are some of the most effective and powerful beauty treatments and products that we offer here at the Park Ave Cosmetic Center. We offer them for many reasons, but the main ones are that they’re safe and they work. It’s really not much more complicated than that. As the ZO Skin Health company is always in the process of creating new products while refining the ones that they already offer, we add new ones to our collection all the time.

ZO Obagi Products: Deep Cleansing Facial

The phrase “deep cleansing” can be a bit misused in our industry. Often, when a company or cosmetic center says that something is “deep cleansing,” it isn’t really. What they actually mean is that this product might clean a little deeper than some other products or that it costs a bit more. That’s not how products from ZO Obagi work.

A Truly Deep Cleanse

This deep cleansing facial is exactly that: something that cleanses deeply. It clears out blackheads and breakouts to the point where you don’t have to worry about them. This facial does that through a multitude of actions: steaming, extractions, and of course, cleansing. Add on to that a treatment mask, which has some of the most advanced, cosmeceutical active ingredients anywhere. There’s a reason this facial is recommended before any advanced aesthetic procedure. You can give your devitalized skin the balance and nourishment they need while eliminating impurities along the way.


Of course, the above is just one of the many ZO Obagi facials that we offer. At the Park Ave Cosmetic Center, you can also get the Lightening Facial, Microdermabrasion, Corrective, Stem Cells 3D, Botox-Like, Gold Mask and the “Signature” facial. If you aren’t sure which of these treatments are right for you, that’s perfectly understandable. You can contact us, and tell us what your beauty goals are. From there, we can help you to figure out which facial is right for you.

The Signature Facial

The last is popular for many reasons, in part because it combines portions of many of the other treatments. Step one of this facial includes a microdermabrasion, iontophoresis, hydradermie machine time as well as an alginate mask. Collectively, this facial can exfoliate dead skin cells, boost collagen products, weaken fine lines and wrinkles, tone your facial muscles and give you a glow instantly that will last and last. That’s a lot for a facial to do, and really, it’s just one of the many treatments that we offer.

Beyond ZO Obagi Products

We’re quite proud of the ZO Obagi treatments and items that we offer at the Park Ave Cosmetic Center. However, we don’t want to give you the idea that they are all that we have to offer. There’s a lengthy list of procedures and treatments at our site. If you know which one you want, or if you just know what you want to have done, you can schedule a consultation with us to take the next step by calling (770) 299-1493.