New Year, New You At Park Ave Cosmetic Center a Med Spa In Roswell Georgia

It is the same pattern at the start of every year.

It is the same pattern at the start of every year. The holiday period ends, January comes around, and we all make mental commitments to change our routines and habits to be better versions of ourselves in the twelve months ahead! “New year, new you,” which is a phrase that is most commonly used in gyms and spas across the country. If you are setting up a new diet and exercise regime, then it makes sense to also set up a regime of treatments and procedures that you can have performed at Park Ave Cosmetic Center a Med Spa in Roswell GA. To get you in the mindset of making some big and positive changes in your life, here are some of the most popular and common treatments that spas offer.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that one facial is the same as the next. The fine science of facials has now become so advanced that the amount of ingredient combinations on offer is bigger and better than ever before. Have a discussion with your health spa professional about what kinds of issues you are experiencing with your skin, and they will be able to recommend a type of facial that you might never have heard of before, but that is perfect for helping to restore you. Remember too, a facial doesn’t have to be for a specific reason – it can simply be a treat for you and your skin.

Hair Restoration

At Park Ave Cosmetic Center a Med Spa in Roswell GA, you can find hair restoration treatments for both men and women. Losing one’s hair at a premature stage in life can be very damaging for self-confidence, and the developments in the area of hair restoration have come a long way in the past decade. Committing to a course of treatments can restore your hair to its former glory.

Micro Needling

Micro needling is one of the newest advancements in skin care. The procedure is slightly more invasive and intensive than something like a facial, but it has an even deeper and longer lasting positive impact on the skin.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Not everybody wants to go down the surgical route when striving for anti-aging success. In these cases, a non-surgical facelift is a great option. It’s far less invasive as well as less potentially permanent.


Known most commonly as Botox, neurotoxin injections can have an almost instant anti-aging effect for those who want to reduce the effect of wrinkles around their eyes and foreheads. Botox is by no means an ‘out there’ treatment. It’s become as common now as any other type of facial procedure, and widely used by men and women across the country.

Finding time to give yourself rest and relaxation amidst the hard work and grind of a real “new year, new you” effort is an integral part of being successful. The likes of Park Ave Cosmetic are vital establishments in making sure that you reward yourself with treatments and procedures that are healthy and positive.