Med Spa Roswell GA: Salt Cave Without Having to Go to the Himalayas

Himalayan salt cave therapy has been proven to be highly effective for many different ailments and treatments.

Himalayan salt cave therapy has been proven to be highly effective for many different ailments and treatments. However, we’re not sure if you’ve ever looked at the distance between “Roswell, GA” and “The Himalayas,” but it’s far. It’s not a taxi ride. You probably can’t get there after work. As it’s thousands of miles away, across multiple oceans, and literally on the other side of the Earth, you might not be able to get to an actual salt cave in the Himalayas. Luckily, we have something better: our med spa Roswell GA is proud to offer a top quality Himalayan salt cave at our facility.

A Salt Cave: For Breathing

It might sound paradoxical at best and nonsensical at worst, but our salt cave is designed to positively benefit your respiratory system. Many of the people who get the most out of salt cave therapy have respiratory problems that just won’t go away. That means allergies, that means asthma, chronic sinus congestion, and so forth. Instead of continually taking medicines that don’t work nearly as well as you would hope, you can spend some time in our salt cave and get a better health benefit for your body that lasts.

Med Spa Roswell GA: How it Works

You might be wondering at this point: “uh, how does going into a salt cave how me breathe better?” Salt particles have plenty of negative ions. Those negative ions purify the air. Then, when you breathe in those negative ions, they do the same thing for your body. These negative ions cleanse your respiratory system, cleaning out so many of the problems that may keep your respiratory system from being as free and healthy as it could be. In many cases, this kind of therapy has actually helped people to increase their lung capacity. Ironically, so-called negative ions can have a very positive impact on your respiratory health.

For the Lungs and the Skin

Of course, the health benefits of going to salt cave therapy aren’t limited to just what they can do for your respiratory system. On the contrary, they’ve been shown to have great benefits for your skin as well. Himalayan salt isn’t just made of “salt,” per se – it actually contains many other kinds of minerals as well. When you spend time in our salt cave, you absorb these minerals into your skin. There, they attract moisture naturally. So, instead of having to douse yourself in moisturizer, you can fight dryness simply by going into our salt cave.

Many Treatments at our Med Spa Roswell GA

Beyond all of the physical health benefits, there’s a lot to be said for the mental health benefits of coming to our salt cave, too. When you’re in our salt, you are in our salt cave: that means no emails, no texts, no social media, no annoying calls or things that you have to deal with. You can be at peace, focused entirely on you and your well being. If all that sounds good, schedule a time with us by calling (770) 299-1493.