Is an IV Infusion Facial the Solution to the Strain on Your Skin?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to survive awards season? They have so many events, almost on a nightly basis, and in each one of these they drink and stay out late.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to survive awards season? They have so many events, almost on a nightly basis, and in each one of these they drink and stay out late. What’s even more important, throughout these events they are promoting themselves, so it’s vital that they look well-rested and fresh every time they meet with potential voters and fellow industry members. How do they do this? Well, in the last few years, a certain quick solution for hangovers and bad nights of sleep has been a very clear favorite in the awards circuit. The best part of it? It’s not an unattainable procedure. What is it? Well, we are talking about the IV Infusion Facial. Let us go over what this vitamin infusion procedure consists of.

IV Vitamin Infusion Facial

The IV Infusion Facial is a treatment that consists of revitalizing your skin by replenishing the vitamins and nutrients lost through drinking, lack of sleep, or everyday exhaustion. While you may not be fully aware of this, these situations drain us of specific vitamins that need to make up for the strain our body is going through. The treatment hence compensates for these lost substances by injecting new ones into the skin. Since these are those that occur naturally in our skin, the process remains a natural solution to the strain of excessive drinking or partying. What could possibly make up for a better solution to these issues?

The IV Infusion Procedure

The process is a simple endeavor. An injection specialist will welcome you into the facility and take your blood pressure while they ask about any related habits to your current state. After carefully cleaning your skin and massaging your face in order to relax your jaw muscles, it will be time for the infusion. This consists of a personalized infusion of vitamins that will be made specifically to target your needs and recent experiences. Due to the preparation process, you will be so calm and relaxed that you probably won’t even fill the prick of the needle when it’s actually time to perform the injection. The idea is to alleviate as much stress as possible during the procedure.

What does the Infusion Consist of?

The IV Infusion will consist of a mixture of a series of vitamins that will compensate for the ones depleted during extensive drinking and, in turn, boost your immune system in order to prevent further damage to your skin or any illness due to low defenses. Additionally, it will contain folic acid, which is a substance you may recognize as a frequent acne treatment. This is already present in your skin and the additional intake will help you calm down your nerves and allow for a reduction in skin tension. These, along with a few other nutrients that the specialists feel are appropriate for your situation, will be injected by way of a hydrating saline substance into the skin of your face.

Park Ave Cosmetic Center IV Infusions

If you are in need of the ultimate hangover cure, an IV Infusion treatment, Park Ave Cosmetic Center in Atlanta can help you out. This one is only a few of the many facial treatments we readily offer at our facilities. Our experts will take a look at your skin, determine the right components for your treatment, and apply them diligently. Before you know it, you will be noticing the many benefits of IV Vitamin Infusions! Call us now at (770) 299-1493 to learn more or to make an appointment.