Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treatment after Summer Months

Being out in the sun during the summer months is wonderful.

Being out in the sun during the summer months is wonderful. Melasma is not. Sun exposure is just one of the many ways that someone can develop melasma: pregnancy, thyroid diseases, birth control pills, and even stress can all help to form those discolored patches that appear on your skin. It’s natural and normal to feel helpless when they appear, but there is treatment. Here at Park Ave Cosmetic Center, our depigmentation melasma treatment can make your skin look how you would like.

Safe Melasma Treatment

The first thing we always tell our patients about our treatment for melasma and hyperpigmentation is that it’s entirely safe. We use a procedure called “Enlighten Rx” that’s entirely non-invasive. So, it’s not at all like surgery: no one’s cutting into your skin or anything like that. Even better, there’s very limited downtime from this treatment. That means you can come here for your treatment, and then in a short period of time, get back to your life. Only now, you’ll step into your life with gorgeous, luxurious skin, free from all of the concerns of melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other concerns. When we say that Enlighten Rx is “safe,” we also mean that it’s safe for all kinds of skin tones, too. We understand that some folks are concerned about their skin developing hyperpigmentation from peels or laser treatments with good reason. That doesn’t happen with Enlighten Rx. Instead, you get a skin treatment that takes away skin blemishes without adding to them. Just because you have a certain tone of skin, that doesn’t mean you should just have to live with melasma. Our treatment can help essentially anyone.

We also believe that people shouldn’t have to suffer just to have their skin look how they want. That’s one more reason that we use Enlighten Rx: it’s basically painless. That’s especially true when compared to the standard medium depth chemical peel. Those can leave your skin in a bad way, causing side effects that you’ll have to deal with. By contrast, at worst, Enlighten Rx will possibly leave your skin a bit sensitive, itchy or even dry, but that’s essentially it. You don’t have to go through pain to get the skin that you want.

Fast and Effective Treatment

28 days. Four weeks. Less than a month (unless you get it in February) – that’s how quickly Enlighten Rx can work. Many of our patients have dealt with skin blemishes for years if not longer, and yet, in basically a month’s time, you can simply lift off those skin blemishes. To be clear, when we say “28 days” we don’t mean that you’ll be coming into our office for 28 days straight or anything like that. Enlighten Rx lets you do most of the work yourself, at your home and your leisure.

To begin with, you’ll come into our facility for an in-office treatment. From there, we’ll put together everything you need for 28 days of a home care regimen. This treatment puts the power in your hands. Instead of having to deal with taking time out of your schedule to head into a facility all of the time, you can fit your skincare into your life. Everyone wants to have better skin, but not everyone can fight through traffic day after day. Enlighten Rx makes it possible to fit prescription-caliber skincare into your schedule on your terms.

Of course, even though we say that this treatment takes “28 days” to see some of the best results, you’ll see results as early as week two. While you may not be entirely blemish-free at that point, a strong majority of our patients see real, visible results. Importantly, these results make their skin look like their skin again – entirely natural and organic. There’s none of that “you clearly had work done” look that can sometimes occur with other sorts of treatments. Enlighten Rx doesn’t really add anything to your skin; rather it clears away what’s keeping your skin from looking as it should.

It’s also important to note that we can treat the melasma no matter where it might be on your body. Whether it’s in your chin, nose bridge, forehead, cheeks, forearms, neck or elsewhere, Enlighten Rx can assist.

Powerful, Potent Treatment

If you’ve ever tried to use skincare products before to deal with your melasma or any other kind of skin blemish, then you might know a bit about lightening agents or exfoliating ones. When Enlighten Rx was designed, the creators basically looked at all of the other kinds of skincare treatments and put together the best lineup of exfoliating and lightening agents. Enlighten Rx builds on what came before it, featuring a combination of all of the top ways to lighten and exfoliate in one treatment.

So, when you go through the Enlighten Rx procedure, the peel really turns up the cell turnover. Any blemishes, irregularities, and pigmentation on your face are lifted, in large part due to the exfoliation of your skin’s upper surface. What’s so great about Enlighten Rx is that it works on multiple levels of your skin simultaneously. While all of that is happening at the upper level, the lightening agents are working hard at your dermal level. There, they set about equalizing your skin tone, setting it more evenly. They do that by inhibiting the discolored pigmentation, minimizing it till your skin tone is how you want it. Again, this doesn’t all happen at once, but the results are usually quite striking in a brief period of time.

Treatment for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

In this blog, we’ve talked quite a bit about how Enlighten Rx is great for dealing with melasma. Melasma is a real problem for many women, and not everyone knows how to fix it. However, melasma is far from the only kind of skin blemish that Enlighten Rx can help with. It’s also proven to be quite helpful with hyperpigmentation. When some of the patches of your skin are darker than the skin that surrounds them, Enlighten Rx is a great way to make your skin tone uniform.

By that same token, it can help with freckles and dark spots that you would prefer to get rid of. Speaking of things to get rid of, if you’ve had scarred skin, you don’t have to live with it. Just because you have a scar doesn’t mean that you have to keep it on your skin for the rest of your life. Enlighten Rx can enlighten scarred skin, too – as well as really any kind of blotchy skin. Many of our patients have found that they can use Enlighten Rx to get rid of all manner of skin blotches. If your pores are larger than you would like, or your skin is just duller than you’d prefer, Enlighten Rx may be the answer. When you contact us, we’ll help you to find the right beauty treatment for any skin concerns that you might have.

Enlighten your Skin, Raise your Confidence

When you have melasma, hyperpigmentation, or some other kind of skin blemish, it can keep you from being as confident as you would like. Even when you’re at your most empowered, it can be in the back of your head, eating away at your self-esteem. Our treatments here at Park Ave Cosmetic Center are designed to help people to look in the mirror and see themselves the way they want to be seen.

Melasma often develops as a result of something wonderful: pregnancy, or spending time out in the sun. You should be able to enjoy and experience life in addition to having the skin that you want. Should melasma or some other skin problem keeps you from feeling as confident as you should be book an appointment with us. We’ll set you up with Enlighten Rx or some other effective procedure. You can do so by going through our site or give us a call at (770) 299-1493.