How to Prevent Mask Acne Breakout

Our staff at Park Ave Cosmetic Center a medical spa in Roswell ,GA is seeing a mask acne trend.

Our staff at Park Ave Cosmetic Center a medical spa in Roswell ,GA is seeing a mask acne trend. During a recent meeting we discussed how to inform our patients on different ways to prevent these mask acne or “maskne” breakouts from happening. It got me wondering if there were more people than not suffering from these breakouts since the cities have now made it a requirement.

Why are you breaking out in the first place? Not all of the cases we see are actually acne break outs, most often than not we are seeing patients who come in with dryness and sensitivity issues. Your skin just like any other organ needs to breath.

First step to prevent an acne break out is to make sure that your mask is clean. If you are reusing a mask make sure you cleaning it with alcohol, UV light , hot water and laundry detergent. Keep in mind that the laundry detergent may irritate your skin. Cleanliness will prevent a mask acne breakout from happening.

A salycilic acid cleanser like Dr. Obagi’s ZO exfoliating cleanser will help kill acne bacteria before and after taking off your mask. Applying a moisture barrier like aquafor can help reduce dryness and scratches made by the fabric of the mask. Dr. Obagi has a hydrating creme and sulfur mask we recommend at Park Ave Cosmetic Center.

Another suggestion on how to prevent a mask acne break out is to see an esthetician who can guide you on the best products availble for your skin type. A monthly facial can be beneficial in keeping your skin healthy . Visiting a medical spa like Park Ave Cosmetic Center in Roswell GA , is advantageous because of the medical advanced procedures and medical grade skin care lines. These medical grade skin care lines tend to be more effective than over the counter products.

We hope that these tips are helpful in your journey to prevent a mask acne breakouts from happening. We look forward to seeing you at Park Ave Cosmetic Center our medical spa in Roswell GA. You can book an appointment at 770-299-1493.