How to Approach Acne Scar Removal

The effects of acne transcend health.

The effects of acne transcend health. The condition, after all, has a lot of social connotations, as well as personal ones. Acne has an impact on people’s self-esteem, which is never something easy to deal with. The worst part is that the issues don’t always end with acne. A lot of the time, acne leaves behind scars that are not easy to get rid of. That is why a lot of people seek acne scar removal, which might seem like a lot more than it actually is. There are many ways to address acne scar removal, some of which we will elaborate on now.

Home Skincare

Regular routine skincare can greatly alleviate the aftermath of acne and soften its effect on the skin. For example, if acne scars are causing a contrast in the tone of your skin, gel-based sunscreen can help balance and even out the general area. This alone can diminish the contrast and make the scars less noticeable. Additionally, cleaning your skin with adequate products can help lessen the impact of scars, prevent more acne from appearing, and effectively improve the look and feel of your skin in general. Even if the scars are still visible, your skin will look healthier overall, and it will help along with any further treatments you have for your acne scar removal.

Micro-Needling & Hyaluronic Acid

When acne is no longer active, micro-needling and hyaluronic acid are a very effective way to treat acne scars and virtually remove them. The process consists of using micro-needling, which means repeatedly punctuating the skin with tiny needles, in order to inject a specific substance. In this case, the substance in question is hyaluronic acid, which has been commonly been a staple of anti-acne treatment. The substance, which is naturally present in the skin, crucially involved in the process of wound healing. The fact that the compound is already present in the skin and is already involved in wound recuperation means that its reaction is predictable. The familiarity makes this one of the most effective and therefore popular acne scar removal treatment.

Procell Micro Channeling

This method is fairly similar to the micro-needling and hyaluronic acid treatment, except that it causes less superficial damage to the skin in the process. The process involves injecting a serum that catalyzes the presence of collagen in the skin. Since collagen is a crucial factor in the body’s natural skin repair, the injection allows the skin to replenish itself, making up for the wounds caused by acne. All scars are tricky, but acne scars are irregular and pervasive, as well as unpredictable. This treatment allows the treating professional to target the procedure and effectively address the harsher consequences of acne.

Acne Scar Removal in Atlanta

Dealing with acne scars is not easy, but it is completely possible. There are so many different methods available, and one is likely to work for your particular case. While you may not know exactly what you need, we can help you figure that out. At Park Ave Cosmetic Center we have professionals that are ready to set you on track for clearer skin. If you are interested, be sure to call us at (770) 299-1493 and we’ll get you started.