Acne Scar Treatment: the Past Set Right

We associate acne with youth, but that’s not the only time in our lives that acne affects us.

We associate acne with youth, but that’s not the only time in our lives that acne affects us. The truth is that many of us have acne throughout our entire lives. Sure, you may have gotten acne when you were thirteen. However, you may have developed it when you were 23 or even 33 and beyond. For some, acne doesn’t end when we throw our graduation caps in the air. If acne is a long-term problem for you, then it requires a long-term solution. That’s where our acne scar treatment comes in. We can get rid of the acne that might have been bothering you for so long.

The Many Causes of Acne

There are seemingly as many different acne causes as there are pimples that break out during an acne attack. Acne can be caused by so much. Sure, for a majority of us, the hormonal changes associated with puberty are a major factor for acne, but so many who have acne concerns didn’t get them just because they were a teenager. Sebum is a kind of oil that lubricates your skin naturally. We all have sebum, to various degrees, in our body. Many of the folks who come to us with acne concerns have them because they have too much of this sebum. So, one of our most popular acne treatments, the ZO Obagi medical acne kit, has a sulfur treatment. You might ask: “why sulfur?” Well, it’s simple: the sulfur can dry out that sebum. Without sebum, you won’t have acne – it really is that simple.

Acne Treatments Galore

Just as there are so many ways you can get acne, we have many different ways to treat acne, too. No one’s acne is exactly the same, so different kinds of acne require different acne treatments. For example, one particularly popular treatment right now is combining the aforementioned ZO Obagi Sulfur with a chemical peel. By doing so, you’ll get all the drying-out power of the sulfur, only now it’ll be combined with the chemical peel’s ability to go after active acne, too. A “high frequency cleaning” might be our most modestly priced acne treatment, but it’s also highly effective. Using specific and safe high frequencies, we’re able to kill the acne bacteria in an utterly non-invasive way.

Acne Scar Treatment for Acne That Won’t Leave

Acne is an unwanted guest on your body. We have the treatments that can kick acne, as well as any scars, right out. Microneedling and hyaluronic acid combine for a treatment that gets rid of acne scars pronto. Once the acne is no longer active, this treatment makes sure the scars are a thing of the past. Micro channeling, an even less-invasive version of microneedling, can be combined with stem cells to rebuild your skin’s collagen while getting rid of acne scars, too. If you’re unsure which treatment is right for you, we’re always glad to help. You can message us through our site or call (770) 299-1493.