Acne Scar Treatment: Remove the Scars of Acne, Literally


Acne. Just reading the word is enough to set off feelings of anxiety from high school. However, for so many people, acne didn’t stop being a problem once they got their diploma. Adults all over the world have acne scars. These scars may have started when they were teenagers, but they’re still with them to this day. When you have scars from acne, it’s difficult to be as confident as you should be. Here at the Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we have the kind of acne scar treatment that can reduce or even eliminate your acne scars completely and on budget.

“How do I Still Have Acne?”

People from all over ask themselves that every day. When you’re going through puberty, changing hormones in your body help to stimulate sebaceous oil glands. Those glands, attached to hair follicles, help to cause acne. Now, as annoying and downright destructive as acne can be, the sebum oil isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. In fact, it’s something that occurs naturally in your body, so as to better lubricate your sin. Unfortunately, if you have skin that’s prone to acne, then cleansing your face can stimulate the skin, thus leading to more acne. You read that right: cleaning your skin in a certain way can make acne more common. We have treatments that can dry out that sebum, so that you have one less way of developing acne.

Effective Acne Scar Treatment

We use the most cutting edge technologies possible to help your acne. By utilizing recent advancements, we’re able to offer our customers a higher level of acne scar removal. However, it’s important to note that we don’t just use these procedures because they’re new – we use them because they work. At the Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients. These are the most recent advancements in acne scar removal that have a sterling track record. For example, the “high-frequency cleaning” is exactly what it sounds like: we use high frequencies to kill acne bacteria. Moreover, we do all of that for just $79.

Multiple Kinds of Treatment

Your skin is unique. Your skin is unlike anyone else’s. That goes for your acne, too: your acne and your acne scars won’t be exactly like another person’s. That’s one reason why we have so many different ways of treating your acne: one will be right for you and your budget. For example, our ZO Obagi Sulfur & Chemical Peel treatment combines medical facials and peels for a treatment that dries out acne while improving your skin. For those who want our most comprehensive acne treatment, Procell Micro-channeling with Stem Cells is a more effective and less harmful version of microneedling. On top of that, the stem cells rebuild your skin’s collagen. There are treatments between those, at all different price points. You can contact us at (770) 299-1493 and we’ll figure out the right treatment for you.