Achieve Excellent Results With An Obagi Deep Cleansing Facial

When it comes to pampering, one of the most enduring and popular treatments is the facial.

When it comes to pampering, one of the most enduring and popular treatments is the facial. From skin peels to deep moisturizing and everything in between, facials have become a treatment that are alternatively beautifying, medicinal, therapeutic, or any or all of these in combination. When visiting a beauty salon or spa, half of the experience is the fun of choosing which individual treatments you are going to take advantage of. One such treatment that has been rising in popularity of late is the Obagi deep cleansing facial. Here is some information about what exactly it is and what benefits it can provide.

The Zo Obagi deep cleansing facial is a luxurious and exclusive treatment. To achieve the best results, the procedure lasts a full 60 minutes.

It is a well-rounded treatment that is comprised of innovative skincare solutions that can help to improve and optimize your skin health, and this achieved thanks to the very latest in skin therapy technologies.

The facial technician will use a series of unique delivery system, exclusive formulations and specially engineered complexes that will work together to give you the best possible facial experience that the commercial health and beauty sector can provide.

Alongside the fundamentals of the Zo Obagi deep cleansing facial, patrons are also invited to add on up to three additional treatments to boost the effects of the facial and provide even better care and restoration to their skin.

The first of these add-ons is a classic chemical peel treatment. Any regular spa user will be familiar with the benefits of a chemical peel, providing a refreshing vibrancy to your skin thanks to a mixture of vital ingredients and components.

The second is an enzyme peel. A similar process to the more familiar chemical peel but offering a slightly different experience in the way that it feels in the face and the different benefits that it can provide to the skin.

The third add on option is microdermabrasion. This is definitely the most intensive treatment of the add on options, but certainly something that every spa goer should try at least once. Many patrons have reported that an Obagi facial combined with microdermabrasion has given them a completely new outlook when it comes to the health and aesthetic impact of their skin.

You can also buy Zo Obagi products to use at home which will prolong and enhance the benefits delivered by the salon/spa facial. The range includes cleaners, washes, and moisturizers. They are also formulated for various skin types. Whether you want to nourish, exfoliate, deep cleanse, or regenerate, that range – as developed by Dr. Zein Obagi – will make the difference and give you a dewy, glowing complexion.

If you like the sound of an Obagi deep cleansing facial book a session at Park Ave Cosmetic. Your skin is the only visible organ on your body, so it is really worth making the effort to protect and restore it and keep it looking its best always.